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Training Support

Ongoing training for current and potential employees is a critical way to ensure that workers have the skills they need to succeed – and help their employers succeed, too. WorkSource Atlanta offers training support that can help workers at any level sharper their skills or gain new ones, including:

Customized Training

This training is designed to meet the specific occupational requirements of an employer so incoming members of the workforce have the skills they need to fill a particular skill gap. Employers will work with us to customize a training program and then commit to employ – or continue to employ – an individual upon successful completion of the training.

WorkSource Atlanta can both help develop and fund this training for eligible candidates with occupational-specific skills for industries that are stable or have projected growth.

Work Experience Program

This program is designed to assist employers in building a talent pipeline by providing employees with on the job training. Through WIOA grant funding, WorkSource Atlanta will cover the hourly rate of each work experience employee. The employer must commit to hiring the individual upon successful completion of training. The participant must work up to 40 hours a week until having developed the skills needed by the employer or for a period of 17 weeks, whichever comes first.