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Youth Services

WorkSource Atlanta offers many programs designed to help young people (ages 14-18) gain the skills and knowledge they need to find meaningful and sustainable employment. 

Getting the job skills you need can be hard. It’s time consuming and may even mean sacrificing hours at your current job, finding transportation and getting help with family needs. WorkSource can provide funds and resources to help with all of it.

We’ll sit down and talk with you to determine your strengths and skills. Not every job fits every person, so we want to work to find the right fit for you. After assessing your strengths, we’ll identify next steps, whether it be training, a certification program, learning on the job, or getting right to work.  You can learn more about our youth programs below.

GED Education Training for Youth:

The WorkSource Atlanta program is committed to serving youth (ages 16 and older) who wish to improve their basic academic skills, such as reading, writing, and math, in order to prepare for the GED test. GED preparation classes are offered at no cost through state-approved adult education programs. These classes are offered onsite every week.

For more information, please call (404) 546-3000.


The STEP Forward program aims to provide Atlanta youth with work readiness, training, financial literacy workshops and skills assessment. Click here to apply to STEP Forward!!


STEP Forward is open only to City of Atlanta residents and WIOA eligible youth, defined as:

Out-of-school youth:

  • 16 to 24 year olds
  • Low-income
  • High school drop-out
  • High school graduate/GED
  • Basic skills deficient or English language learner

Meet at least one or more of the following criteria:

  • Basic skills deficient
  • An English language learner
  • An offender
  • A homeless individual, a homeless child or youth, a runaway
  • In foster care or has aged out of the foster care system, a child eligible for assistance under section 42 
U.S.C. 6774, or in an out-of-home placement
  • Pregnant or parenting
  • A youth who is an individual with a disability

Register Here For STEP Forward Program