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Work Readiness Classes


Work readiness courses are a part of WorkSource Atlanta’s customer service continuum in outreach and education. Outreach and education includes all outreach and partnerships with external agencies, marketing to the public, and work readiness education. Through work readiness courses, WorkSource Atlanta hopes to prepare the customer for the world of work through four interactive modules: How to Find a Job, How to Write a Resume, How to Ace Your Interview, and How to Keep Your Job. These modules were developed in partnership with the Society for Human Resources (SHRM Atlanta), and are appropriate for job seekers of all ages.

Course Descriptions

How to Find a Job:

Learn how to use basic tools to find a job: networking, introduction to resumes, how to craft an elevator pitch, and how to use social media to find a job. Through this course you will become informed on various high-demand jobs in Atlanta.

How to Write a Resume:

Learn to reflect on skills and work history to write a functional resume. In this course, you will get feedback on your resume or assistance in writing your resume.

How to Ace Your Job Interview:

Learn the mechanics of the job interview process. Learn how to present with confidence and clarity. There will also be an opportunity to practice interviewing with WorkSource Atlanta staff and volunteers.

How to Keep Your Job:

You landed your job, now learn how to keep your job by building a reputation for having a good work ethic and working well with your teammates. WorkSource Atlanta staff and volunteers will teach dress for success, communication techniques, conflict resolution, and ethics in the workplace.

Introduction to Computers

Part 1:

Learn how to use computer hardware such as a mouse and keyboard; how to properly start-up and shut-down a computer; and how to log-in to a computer and navigate through the Windows operating system and the Internet.

Part 2:

Learn Microsoft Office basics and how to email.

Part 3:

Learn how to create and edit documents and how to complete forms and online applications.

You must attend orientation and register as a WorkSource Atlanta customer in order to participate in Work Readiness courses. For more information, visit or call 404-546-3000.