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Work Experience

A Work Experience is a planned, structured learning experience that takes place in a workplace for a set period of time. The intention of a Work Experience is to enable participants to explore career options and gain exposure to the working world and its requirements. A Work Experience shall be designed to enhance the employability of individuals through the development of good work habits and basic work skills. Although the majority of Work Experience activities occur with youth participants, adults and dislocated worker participants may also take advantage of these services. Work Experience may be fulltime or part-time depending upon the needs of the participant. It may be paid or unpaid, as appropriate.

The purpose of a Work Experience is not to benefit the employer, although the employer may, to a limited extent, benefit from the activities performed by the participant. For example, individuals placed in a Work Experience are generally considered trainees, and should not take on roles in which the employer depends on the trainee’s productivity to maintain or advance the profit margin or performance of the company or agency.

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