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Incumbent Worker Program

The Incumbent Worker Training Program (IWT) is a competitive grant that provides funding to help eligible Atlanta businesses effectively train and retain employees by providing skills upgrades and process improvement training for existing, full-time employees.

IWT must be designed:

  • Between employees and employers with an established relationship of at least six months at the time of the training (see Incumbent Worker Eligibility for cohort exception);
  • To improve the skills of the existing workforce to align with new job requirements;
  • To increase both an individual’s and a company’s competitiveness;
  • To mitigate the impact of a layoff, if utilized as a part of a layoff aversion strategy; and
  • Wherever possible, to allow the individual to gain industry recognized training experience and ultimately should lead to an increase in wages.

In a non-layoff aversion scenario, the training must be to the benefit of the employee and the employer. Under these circumstances, the IWT must meet at least one of the following criteria;

  • Result in a wage increase or other financial incentive, such as a bonus;
  • Result in the opportunity for promotion within the company; or
  • Result in an enhanced title to reflect increased responsibilities within the company.

Click HERE to download the Incumbent Worker Application. All programs are based on available funding.

Deadline for submitting the Incumbent Worker Application has passed. To be notified when the application process resumes click HERE!