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TechHire Opportunities for Employers

With the demand for technology jobs outpacing the supply of available talent, the Obama administration created the TechHire Initiative with the purpose of closing this gap by partnering with education and training institutions and tech businesses to effectively train and hire workers at a more rapid rate. As part of a region-wide collaboration and a recipient of a TechHire grant, TechHire ATL will use the funds to train the City of Atlanta’s youth and young adults, ages 17-29, to get into well-paying technology jobs.

Why TechHire?

  • Reduced cost:  Sourcing local talent lowers recruiting costs
  • Improved Workforce Diversity: Sourcing from a diverse pool improves workforce diversity.  Diverse teams show higher percentages of collaboration and higher reports of retention.
  • Reduced difficulty in filling roles: Increased talent supply reduces time to hire
  • Improved Retention: Candidates sourced from non-traditional talent pools report higher levels of loyalty to companies

We cannot do this without you.

 Join the TechHire ATL Advisory Board

  1. Attend bimonthly TechHire ATL Advisory Board meetings.
  2. Identify immediate and forecasted skills shortages.
  3. Provide feedback on the relevance and quality of non-traditional training programs and drive the creation of new training solutions to address future skills shortages.
  4. Commit to interviewing qualified candidates who graduate from TechHire training programs for internships and entry level positions.

To join the TechHire ATL Advisory Board, contact Marc Hannon-White at or 404-546-3084.